Company Profile Panacee Hospital Rama II

About Panacee Hospital Rama II

Panacee Hospital Rama II is situated at 233/128-130 Moo 1, Tumbon Bangnumjued, Amuphur Mueng, Samut Sakhorn Province, Thailand.  We officially opened on June 30th, 2018 as a specialized hospital that combines both conventional and alternative medicine.  Panacee Hospital Rama II aims to provide a comprehensive medical service that meet the international standard from Germany.


The Panacee Group comprises

  • Panacee Hospital Rama II, Samut Sakhon
  • Panacee Medical Center Ekkamai, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Pancee Wellness, Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima
  • PANACEE GRAND HOTEL ROMERBAD, Badenweiler, Germany 
  • Panacee Hospital Qinhuangdao, Hebei, PRC 


Panacee Hospital Rama II is an important medical advancement of Pancee Medical Center, located at Bangkok Mediplex Sukhumvit 42.  Panacee medical center was founded in 2009 as Villa Medica Thailand as a joint venture with Villa Medica Germany, thus, we are authorized to use the Villa Medica Brand in Thailand.

In 2013, the management team of Villa Medica Thailand would like to bring about the medical advancement for the comprehensive health care.  They established a new clinic in Badeweiler, Germany and rebranded Villa Medica Thailand to Pancee Medical Center.  Panacee Group aims to be the leader of cell therapy and holistic medicine by combining medical technic and services that are safe and meet with the International standard to prevent against degeneration and illness and achieve health and longevity.

Badenweiler is a health resort awarded by Germany.  It is located at the foot of the bountiful Black Forest, which is the world’s prime ozone source.  It has mild climate, fresh and pure air and the pristine mineral water source that makes it a perfect place for relaxing and rejuvenating our mind and body.  It also has the Roman Bathhouse dated back more than 2,000 years.  Badenweiler is the perfect place for reviving and recharging our physical and mental health.


In 2014, Panacee Medical Center Germany was fully operated under cooperation between Thai and German Physicians who have been specialized in cell therapy for more than 30 years.  We provides our treatment with GMP (GMP Certified cell) product with a   luxury service from Panacee Grand Hotel Roemerbad.  The hotel has more than 75 rooms amid romantic and welcoming natural environment.  Once stepping in, guests can experience health rejuvenation under the relaxing natural environment that help enhance the therapeutic effect.

      At present, our clinic in Thailand has been operated under the name “Panacee Medical Center” as in Germany.  We continue to provide holistic medical services starting at the cell level that aim to restore youthful health.  We aim to provide services that meets Germany medical standard to treat many condition such as Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, autistic and other illness that stem from cell degeneration, and our clients have been satisfied with our treatments and services. 

Panacee Medical Center applies the integrative medicine by combining the therapy of our cell with chelation, detoxification, IV infusion, and other treatments.  We also provides food-intolerance test to find the trigger of unwanted health condition, and restore our body immune function and healing process with vitamin and natural supplements. 

We also bring advance cell therapy technic from Germany to rejuvenate and restore youthful health condition, and treat degenerative diseases.  Your personalized medical service is provided by our physicians who are specialized in cell therapy and conventional medicine to achieve best possible therapeutic result. 

Although the cell therapy will be performed in Germany, we encourage pre and post treatment to prepare our body with chelation, detoxification, and other treatments to enhance cell therapy effect.  Our medical team will closely monitor and assess the treatment result to ensure safety and full therapeutic result.