PANACEE RETREAT AND RELAXATION CENTER - Khao Yai (Year 2016) is now open.

Rest and relax in the midst of the mountains

  With the height above 400 meters above sea level and the location that is surrounded by the big mountains Nakhon Ratchasima Making it fresh and cool throughout the year Which is like a good ozone source in the country That will allow you to relax with a Tuscany style accommodation with an aura of Italian With standard golf courses That can handle world-class competitions Including the clubhouse and luxurious hotel like the palace Allowing you to indulge in the rich nature of Khao Yai and experience the aura of Europe at the same time

   Complete in health care with PANACEE MEDICAL CENTER's integrated medical center that provides superior and varied services, such as watching the body at the cellular level. Spa treatments and beauty courses etc. for you and your family to have good physical and mental health for a long time