Special Detox Program

Extensive research has been done to investigate the effects coming from this, and the results are alarming. Toxins are a major driver for many chronic diseases, especially degenerative and autoimmune conditions, as well as aging in general. and cancer. This is why we have developed an advanced and unique program to help you scope with this enormous problem. Now, you may say that many clinics offer detox programs, so what is so special about our approach? Well, the first step of succesfful detox is to figure out which toxins are most important for an individual. Proper diagnostic tools are needed to learn about this. Unfortunately, most facilities only check for a small number heavy metals and ignore organic pollutants (such as pestizies or solvents). There are about 30 important heavy metals and hundreds of organic toxins and most clinics don't investigate this at all or check only for a few heavy metals. In consequence, you will never learn about your real problems and the doctors will not be able to create an advanced and personlized detox program for you. We check for more than 30 heavy metals and dozens of organic toxins, which is unique in Asia. Second, we have to talk about the different kinds of detox treatment that are available. The easiest (but least effective) approach is to provide micronutrients that support the detox function of your liver. The problem is, that 99% of the toxins are bound and stored in our organs and tissues, so they need to be removed from their storages in order to be detoxed in your liver. Micronutrients don't mobilize, therefore this approach will deal with only 1% of the toxins in your body. The most common way to mobilize toxins from their storage is chelation. Sadly, the most established chelation protocols are not as effective as they could be and in general chelation can only remove heavy metals but not organic toxins. Therefore, the majority of toxins is not covered by chelation. The most effective way to deal with organic compounds is to combine the application of heat (Far infrared, Whole body hyperthermia) with plasmapheresis. And this is what we do: We combine supporting micronutrients with advanced chelation, hyperthermia and plasmapheresis. This allows us to deal with almost all toxins that you might be troubled with. In conjunction with our cutting-edge diagnostic tool, this is what makes our detox program the most advanced, comprehensive and effective one in Asia. We are proud to partner with specialized hospitals and labs all over to globe to provide this service to you. 

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