Panacee Rama 2 Hospital provides laboratory services with modern technology capable of inspecting to the cellular level to be evaluated and analyzed various chemical systems in the body and genetic level in conjunction with a thorough physical examination By a team of medical special- ists in evaluation and diagnosis Including personalized treatment plans so that the body can live life more efficiently. Have a long life with good quality of life.


Health check up program

Preventive health examination program can analyze the risk of disease up to 9 systems in the body with innovation and modern technology. Along with checking Laboratory analysis that can diagnose and assess the risk of various diseases such as stroke. Coronary artery, liver, kidney, diabetes, hormonal imbalance Including cancer which is different in each package, with advice on health planning by a team of medical professionals, as well as receiving immunity treatment and stimulating cells in body to work efficiently for the care and protecting your health and good physical health with good quality of life.


Vitamin & Micronutrients

Vitamins and minerals are important in helping various systems in your body. And directly affect the working systems of the cells and youthfulness of the cells. Testing of vitamins and nutrients in the body is important to promote good and strong health. And helps to prevent diseases and causes of aging and for planning a personalized vitamin.


Early Detection of Cancer Test

Early detection of cancer test provides you with a yearly screening method, to increase your chances of detecting cancer early. Yearly testing increases the chance of detecting a developing tumor within the first year in which it is detectable. A growing tumor usually take a while to develop into an aggressive and proliferating cancer. Thus,if a positive result is found early, you are often left with enough time to take action for treatment. The tuming point where a growing tumor progresses into an invasive, metasta- sizing cancer is paramount.

Test once a year,increases your chances of acting brfore this turning point.


Hormone Program

Hormonal balance analysis, It is an important part that affects health because of hormonal balance in the body. It has a direct effect on lifestyle such as energy metabolism, sleep, stress, fatigue and sexual health problems. In which our medical team can diagnose and advise on how to live happily. Including providing natural hormones to balance your health.


Genetic Testing

Genetic code analysis by modern examination technology
from Germany . It helps to assess the risk of disease in individual characteristics. That the doctor can analyze , diagnose directly and detect the cause of the disease at the initial stage and can design treatment according to your individual health condition.

Sexual well-being