Boost Up Program


Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy destroy anaerobic microbe e.g. virus and some type of bacteria, removal of accumulate toxin by transforming toxin and waste into inert substances that can be excrete out via the liver and kidneys safely and stimulating white blood cell production to ensure health immunity. Therefore, it can be used as an adjuvant treatment of many diseases such as flu, viral, hepatitis, herpes, allergy, SLE and cancer etc.


IV Antioxidant

The infusion antioxidant used in the treatment program assist the body to naturalize free radicals preventing cell from oxidative damages. It can also reduce the over production of melanin pigments, resulting in brighter and younger-looking skin.


Megadose Vit-C

Megadose Vitamin C infusion is comprised of high dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other essential vitamins and minerals. All nourishing ingredients are infused into the blood vessel which ensure direct cell nourishment and can instantly restore health. It is very beneficial to those who are prone to viral infection like flu and influenza, feeling fatigue, are in recovery stage, or even those who have cancer.




Detoxfication Program


Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy aimed to remove the toxic heavy metals that accumulated in your blood vessels such as Lead (from house painting), Mercury (from amalgam filling), Aluminum (from whitening toothpaste and aluminum floyd) etc. After do this therapy, the blood vessels then become more elastic, your cells are rejuvenated and return to their normal function. Moreover, it can help lower the risk of numerous diseases and symptoms like stroke, hypertension and dementia etc. 


Liver Detox Detoxification

We continuously receive toxic from blood consumption, inhalation, skin absorption and our own body production. These toxic are removed from the body via the liver. The overloaded toxins will return to blood stream and to our cells hence causing organs damages. These result in abnormal liver functions and many diseases including hepatitis, liver abscess and diabetes. Liver detoxification increases the liver self-repairing and accumulated toxin removal rates. It can also protect the liver from medication, toxin, chemicals, alcohol reduces fat accumulation in the liver. This therapy recommended for people who have high risk habits such as smoking, drinking, having spicy food grilled food very often and those who are facing work stress for most busy executives.


Phospholipid Treatment

The essential fatty acid derived from plant extracts (EPL-PP), in the treatment of conditions caused by abnormal blood fat levels. In addition, EPL–PP to reducing the excess fat in the blood, removing fat droplets (Plaque) carried in the bloodstream gradually pile up on the walls of arteries, like rust in a pipe.


Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy remove Contents like mucous and also detoxify the residue toxins that accumulate in the intestinal wall by using purified water. These accu- mulated substances cause autoimmune disease, fatigue, skin disease etc. Our treatment provided by specialized nurses in the closed system machine which Can guarantee that everything is safe, clean, Convenient and odorless process.




Beauty Treatment


Secret Blink

The Secret blink, famous skin nourishing program which results in Complexion. The secret behind this is a synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other essential nutrients. This exclusive vitamin infusion Contains the key factors that stimulate collagen and elastin production to restore skin elasticity and firmness as well as protect your skin and cells from environment damages. Cells and organs are also benefited from those nutrients which lead to youth and brightness skin in the long term.




Weight Control


Weight Loss IV

IV Drips and IV Infusions for weight loss typically involves some combination of magnesium,Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium D-Gluconate, gingkobiloba, calcium, thiamine, glutathione, and carnitine. The patient receives the nutrients through an IV line while relaxing for about 1 hour. One of the most important benefits of receiving IV Therapy for weight loss purposes is that it helps to control hunger and stabilize bloodsugar. These are essential elements of success with any weight loss attempt.

Besides boosting metabolism, IV Therapy with the above nutrients can help to resolve digestion issues and food allergies that make it nearly impossible for some people to lose weight.That is because these conditions block the normal absorption of nutrients, regardless of the nutritional content of the food. Along with regular sessions of IV Therapy, those who are interested in losing weight must committo healthy eating and regular exercise.


Fat Burn

Fat burn is the injection of placenta extracts. It action of body to pull the fat that accumulates in different parts of the body. Out burns into energy.




Spacial Treatment


External Counter Pulsation : ECP

ECP (External Counterpulsation) Therapy is a non-surgical, FDA-cleared therapy process that can enhance blood flow, thereby reducing symptoms of chronic stable angina. This process helps oxygenated blood travel freely between the heart and the rest of your body.

Chronic stable angina patients who respond well to ECP therapy often experience1:

  • A reduction in symptoms: shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue,

  • weakness, pain or pressure in chest, back, neck, jaw, shoulders, or arms - providing an overall improvement to quality of life

  • An increase in energy and exercise tolerance

  • Results that can last for years



Plasmapheresis is a medical procedure designed to remove some plasma from the blood. During a plasma exchange, unhealthy plasma is swapped for healthy plasma or a plasma substitute, before the blood is returned to the body.


Why undergo a plasma exchange?

  • A plasma exchange can help to treat a range of medical conditions, including

  • Brain and nervous system conditions, such as acute Guillain – Barré syndrome.

  • Blood disorders, such as thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a rare disorder that causes blood clots.

  • Some kidney conditions, such as Goodpasture syndrome, a disease that causes antibodies to attack the kidneys and lungs.

  • Hyperviscosity syndromes, including myeloma. These conditions cause the blood to thicken, which can lead to organ damage or a stroke.



  • A plasma exchange can help to alleviate symptoms of the conditions above by removing harmful substances from the blood.

  • If a person has an autoimmune condition, a plasma exchange may also prevent the body from producing more harmful antibodies.

  • The procedure is usually one element of a treatment plan, which may include chemotherapy. Repeated plasma exchanges may be necessary.




Sexual well-being